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Tribe - Energy Management Solution

Smart energy control for the modern home

As we install more renewable generation on the system and transition to electric transport and heating, the need for smart energy management to help balance the grid is increasing.

This is why Lightsource Labs, who are owned by Lightsource BP, have developed Tribe, an innovative energy management system for the home. Tribe is a revolutionary smart energy management solution which enables homeowners to monitor and optimise the generation, storage and consumption of electricity in the home to reduce energy bills.

The Tribe Hub connects to the distribution board and a wide range of devices in your home. By learning consumption patterns, and checking live tariff and weather information, the Hub ensures all connected devices maximise use of clean, low cost electricity.
The Tribe App provides visibility of your generation, storage and consumption of electricity in real time.

You can control and schedule devices remotely, and track energy bill savings generated by Tribe. Watch the video below to see the app in action.