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Ex Vat Inc Vat
Ex Vat Inc Vat

Easee - Small, Smart and Full of Power

Easee was created in January 2018, by three entrepreneurs with a vision of shaping the future of electricity. They started by creating one of the world's smartest 'charging robots' which is designed to act as a smart electricity valve; optimising the power grid and saving our society valuable resources. All without compromising on quality, functionality and power. They have big goals but don't take any shortcuts. Their ambition is to become one of the largest companies in green technology within Europe by 2026 and one of the largest in the world by 2031.

How? By focusing on developing scalable and future-orientated technology, while also setting the example for what a sustainable organisation and people-focused business culture can be. One where values and employees come first. Always.

Free online installation training HERE

More videos on the Easee YouTube Channel