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What is Monta?

Monta is the software layer that enables great end-to-end EV charging experiences on top of your hardware installation. Sell, deploy, and operate charge points to serve all your clients. With Monta, from now on, you can turn your installation and hardware sales into a new business line by generating recurring revenue. 

Monta is the software solution for managing charge points at any scale and is valuable for:

  • Home charging; get access to smart charging, sharing and usage statistics.
  • Housing associations; charging solutions for residents and guests, with different prices and access.
  • Hotels and Restaurants; offer the best charging experience for guests and employees.
  • Businesses; easy and user-friendly management of charge points, company cars, fleet management and more.


Why add Monta to your offer?

The Monta portal facilitates and improves how installers, operators, businesses and anyone managing charge points, can take full control over their charge point sites (managing, operating, customizing), while simultaneously having the possibility to make extra revenue. For EV drivers Monta makes it easy and accessible to charge their car at home, at work, or on the road with the Monta app.  


What does this mean for you as an installer of EV charging points?

  • Set up, configure and customise your charging points easily
  • Offer a better experience to your customers
  • Grow your charge point installation business
  • Monta will be a partner that will support you in your future growth and needs


What does it cost?

Pricing starts at 0 euros! For details on all pricing plans, check out the pricing page on the Monta website


How can I start?

You can order your subscription directly on the Midsummer website by selecting the relevant package below. Or alternatively, you can select your subscription on the Monta website directly

Do you have several projects where Monta could be useful, then it may be worth becoming a Monta partner yourself. In that case, you can signup using the following form


About Monta

Monta is the operating platform powering the EV ecosystem serving drivers, companies, cities, and the electricity grid with one integrated software solution. Monta believes that accelerating and democratising the adoption of EV technology is key to building a better future. Monta’s mission is to provide the best technology solutions for the entire EV charging cycle. At our core, we provide access, innovation and reliability to the mobility transformation. Monta is here to make the transition to electric mobility as seamless and exciting as possible. With a single integrated software built to EV better.