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Tigo Retrofit Frame Mounted Optimiser TS4-A-O




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More than one panel need optimising? Try the new Duo Tigo with twin inputs!

This revolutionary optimiser from Tigo works with any panel and any inverter. You you can use as few as one optimiser on a system- ideal if you have a small number of shaded panels or a few panels on another orientation. Only those panels that are shaded, or those on a separate roof, need to be optimised and can be mixed in a string with non-optimised panels.

The TS4-A-O clips tightly onto the frame of the module and connects using MC4s.

Key specifications

  • Rated DC Input Power: 500W
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 90V
  • Maximum Continuous Input Current (IMAX): 12A
  • Maximum VOC @ STC: 75V
  • Weight: 490g