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Soltaro AI02 5kW/10kWh Complete Kit

AI02 10kW



The Soltaro AIO2 can be used both on-grid and off-grid. It is also capable of being used for an on-grid battery backup. This gives the AIO2 the ultimate flexibility for homes and small businesses who need to ensure they don’t lose power when it matters most. As the AIO2 incorporates MPPT technology, it will always allow you to get the best out of your solar PV system.

When grid-connected, or connected to a local micro-grid, the Soltaro AIO2 can be connected in parallel. This allows your system to be modular and expandable as your energy storage needs change.

The batteries are also modular. You can add more battery storage up to 18 months after your initial install.

By allowing for changing energy needs and lifestyle changes, you’re never buying more

capacity then you need at that time.

  • 10kWh Battery
  • 10 Year / 10,000 Charging Cycle Warranty
  • Even faster to Install
  • Appliance grade fit and finish
  • Indoor or Outdoor Installation IP65
  • 5kw Charge / Discharge Capability