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Solis 3.0kW Hybrid Inverter




A Solis Hybrid Inverter is suitable for the installation of single-phase input pv system of various different types, with the Solis family of hybrid inverters expanding the range of potential installations significantly: residential, commercial, and even industrial.

Our Solis Hybrid inverters can be paired with Pylon 2.4kWh lithium batteries to create a simple and effective energy storage solution for home or business.

  • Max. DC Power for single MPPT: 11A
  • Start-up DC Voltage: 120V
  • Max. DC Input V: 600V
  • Max. Input/Output Current: 13A
  • Max charge/discharge: 62.5A
  • Max efficiency: 97.5%
  • IP65
  • Dimensions: 333x505x249mm
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Warranty: 5 years