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Q.Home From Q Cells

Q CELLS is excited to unveil its new Q.HOME CORE. 

The system available from Midsummer Ireland, the Q.HOME CORE H4, which consists of hybrid inverter of 4.6 kW and a battery pack of 6.86 kWh.

 The Q.SAVE, which is the battery pack of the Q.HOME CORE, is scalable with the option to increase the storage capacity by 6.86 kWh increments, up to 20.5 kWh – which is enough to easily cover the needs of most households. 

Using Samsung SDI battery modules for excellent system reliability and safety, Q CELLS offers a fully-wrapped 15-year warranty. 

With embedded ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) that transfers power supply from grid to storage in case of blackout, the Q.HOME CORE provides seamless operation mode conversion for stable backup and continuous power consumption. 

The Q.OMMAND Home, a mobile app for the homeowner, features a dynamic optimiser function that uses an AI algorithm to monitor real-time weather information in order to fully maximise energy yield. Q CELLS also provides mobile apps for installers, Q.OMMAND Go and Pro, for their easy commissioning and O&M service. With a simple, elegant design that is easy to install and use, the Q.HOME CORE provides peace of mind to homeowners keen on taking a firmer control on their clean energy management and usage.