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Genius Solarflash Flat Rosemary Plain Concrete Tile




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This is the Genius SolarFlash Flat Tile product from Hallclip. Used for roofs with flat, rosemary, plain or concrete tiles.

The SolarFlash system is a simple and effective waterproof solution for roof brackets, such as the Fastensol flat tile roof bracket.

By installing with SolarFlash , it can help you to ensure that your installations are MSC012 compliant.

SolarFlash is very easy to install and enables you to do a high-quality job and leave the roof tidy, reliable and weatherproof.You won't need any additional expert knowledge or training. The SolarFlash installation videos show you step-by-step how to easily and quickly install SolarFlash

SolarFlash is in use all over the UK by solar installers, housing associations, roofers and developers.

Dimensions 235mm x 251mm